Boni lashes out at community over illness

Boni lashes out at community over illness

Ask anyone who has contracted HIV or AIDS and they will almost certainly describe their life as a desperate and lonely place to be.

One particular group that is showing a steep rise in the AIDS infection rate is Native Americans. Since 1995, the number of cases are 40 percent higher. One of those battling to get the word out about what many feel is an uphill battle for Native Americans is San Carlos resident Isadore Boni.

Boni was diagnosed with HIV three years ago and admits he has full-blown AIDS at the present time. In fact, Boni decided to make his medical status public last Dec. 1, on World AIDS Day.

His message and announcement to admit he had AIDS was covered with short features by Phoenix news channels as well as the Navajo Times.

“I came out about my status with AIDS and being gay. I felt that the only way to come clean is to be honest and help get the message out about AIDS among Native Americans,” said Boni. Read more…

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