Dream Weaving Grace (poem)

Dream Weaving Grace (poem)

Dream Weaving Grace
Ever wonder what dream Weavers weaved?
by Ethan Crawley

In her visions so distraught
The lasting surges
The relapse of inner passion

Once she only dreamed
Of the touch of curves
Of an earth color hid

In her moments in the visions
Up against the mountains
It dwelt upon her to see the
Dark clouds wave
To her grace
So she may twine in her finger
Upon the many strands of dark clouds

Upon her fingers
The ring
She weaved

So that no more were the visions
No more were the many stands of dark clouds

She weaved her peace
No more was it vision
As she placed the ring high above
Amongst the mountains
Amongst the clouds
So her grace came down
Now it is what she envisioned

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-ethan crawley 2005