Jackson…hoping to unseat Renzi

Jackson…hoping to unseat Renzi

Note: Democrat Jack Jackson, Jr., a former Arizona State Representative and openly Gay Navajo, is officially running for the District 1 Arizona Congress seat against Republican incumbent Rick Renzi. Jack Jackson, Jr.was the Executive Director of the Arizona Commission of Indian Affairs, a post he was appointed to by Governor Janet Napolitano in January this year. He resigned from the position on September 1, 2005 to pursue his election campaign full-time. Read the article and website below for more information on Jack Jackson, Jr.

With a year to go until the 2006 general election, races for Congress are beginning to take shape in Arizona.

In a five-city tour Monday and Tuesday through the huge, rural 1st Congressional District, Democrat Jack Jackson Jr. of Window Rock formally announced his candidacy for the U.S. House seat held by Republican Rick Renzi…

…Jackson, a Navajo who served for two years in the Arizona House and did not seek re-election in 2004, said that in his travels from Window Rock to Flagstaff, Prescott, Casa Grande and Safford, “people are saying we need a change in the way things are being done in Washington, D.C.”

He said that evidence of “failures of the current leadership” is the war in Iraq, poor emergency response, and scandals involving the House and Senate leadership and White House.

“Access,” “protection” and “progress” will be the bywords of his campaign, he said.

People should have access not only to such basic amenities as highways, electricity and water, but to Internet service, health care and quality education, Jackson said.

Protection entails more than securing the nation’s borders and guarding against terrorism, he said. It also means preserving the natural environment and being prepared for any natural disaster, Jackson said.

Jobs, infrastructure, tax incentives, a healthy education system and energy independence are among essentials for progress, he said.

Jackson said 2006 “is the year for a referendum on corrupt politicians,” alluding to a Federal Election Commission audit accusing Renzi of illegally having used corporate funds in his 2002 campaign. The matter remains unresolved.

Former talk-radio employee Mike Caccioppoli of Flagstaff is vying with Jackson for the Democratic nomination.

The district arcs from northwestern Arizona to Casa Grande in the south.

Source: The Arizona Republic, By Jon Kamman, Nov 9, 2005