Landa Lakes, as Heavy Flo, gets onstage with Alice

Landa Lakes, as Heavy Flo, gets onstage with Alice

By: Miko Thomas

San Francisco — Linda Lavin, the star of the hit 70’s TV show “Alice,” recently made a trip to San Francisco. She came to the acclaimed drag revue known as Trannyshack.

Landa Lakes, from the San Francisco Bay Area Native American drag troop called B.A.G.z, had the opportunity to participate in an Alice look-a-like contest. Landa played the part of Heavy Flo.

Unfortunately, the cramps were killing Heavy Flo so she reached under her skirt and pulled out a full bottle of ketchup that was being filled by her “leaky faucet” and smacked the top tightly shut. Heavy Flo told Linda that what can not be jarred, canned or pickled, might as well be worn. She then released the cap and squirted some fresh ketchup down her throat.

{mosimage}Heavy Flo did not win as you can see by Linda’s baffled expression.

NOTE: The Brush Arbor Gurlz (Bay Area American Indian Two-Spirits (BAAIT-S) and have helped to raise funds, doing drag shows like this, for the 17h Annual International Two-Spirit Gathering and their organization.