Lost souls: The myths, murders and mysteries of ‘two-spirit’ people

Lost souls: The myths, murders and mysteries of ‘two-spirit’ people

Note: This article was published in April 2002 after Raymond “Amy” Soos (Salt River Pima) and Alejandro Lucero (Hopi) were murdered in what were apparently hate crimes, but the police refuse to investigate them as such.

Amy SoosSource: http://cronkitezine.asu.edu/archives/stories/lostsouls03.html
By Joe Watson, Reprinted from The State Press, April 4, 2002

To Bernadine Soos, Raymond was much more than a flamboyantly gay man who drew stares and whispers.

She was deaf to the effeminate intonation in his voice. The plucked eyebrows, caked-on foundation and women’s clothing in which he dressed himself for a night out in downtown Phoenix were nothing more than his outer shell.

That Raymond’s sexual preference was for men, that he lived his life as the opposite gender and called himself “Amy” once the sun set on the horizon of the Salt River Pima Indian Reservation, was of no consequence to the remaining members of the Soos family, who now mourn the death of their baby brother.