Native radio program doing show on Native Transgenders

Native radio program doing show on Native Transgenders

The Native America Calling Radio Show is doing a show on Native American Transgenders. You can listen to the show via a live stream on their website OR through one of their station affiliates (check the site for this info).

Here is a summary about the show:

Thursday, January 26 – Transgender Natives
Before the arrival of Europeans, “two-spirited” or transgender people played an active role in some tribal communities. Some tribes held them in high esteem because they had special psychic and healing powers. Over the years the role of a transgender has changed in those same tribal communities. Today, transgendered people have a difficult time being accepted by society. They experience violence and living a life of isolation. How does your tribe acknowledge transgender or two-spirited people? Guests are Trudie Jackson (Navajo), Outreach Coordinator of the Native American Pathways Program; Mattie Jim (Navajo), Health Educator/Outreach Worker for Navajo AIDS Network; and Angel Manuel (Tohono O’odham), Miss Indian Transgender Arizona.

Native America Calling Airs Live
Monday – Friday 1-2pm EST

To participate call:
1-800-996-2848, that’s 1-800-99NATIV

Note: Trudie Jackson was one of the Native Transgenders interviewed in the recent “Crying Game” article published by the Phoenix New Times.