Recent Two-Spirit radio and TV broadcasts

Recent Two-Spirit radio and TV broadcasts

Here is a list of recent shows on Two-Spirit people.

Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (Canada)
Show: Two-Spirited People
Date: November 26, 2008
Guests: Lorne Olson (Ojibway), Albert McLeod (Metis), Candy Palmeter (Mi’gmaq), Kathy Reynolds and Dawn McKinley (both Cherokee from Oklahoma)
Summary: Host/Producer Cheryl McKenzie and guests discuss what it means to be two-spirited in today’s world and ask viewers what the term two-spirited means to them. They also address reported homophobia and discrimination against two-spirited members in Aboriginal communities and what these individuals can do to defend their human rights in First Nations.

KGNU’s Outsource (A Colorado LGBTQ radio show)

Date: October 20, 2008
Guests: Cristoso Apache and Mary Lou Van Voorhis
Link: (right-click on green arrow and download to your computer)
Summary: Leaders from the Two-Spirit Society of Denver discuss their group.

Native America Calling

Show: Same-Sex Marriage on Reservations
Date: September 10, 2008
Summary (from NAC website): The Coquille Tribe of Oregon recently passed a law recognizing same-sex marriage, believed to be the first such tribe to do so. This action is raising questions concerning who has control over domestic relations on tribal lands. The Coquille Tribe says their federal recognition gives them authority over this issue, even though the State of Oregon amended the state constitution in 2004 prohibiting gay marriage. The Navajo and Cherokee tribes have also passed laws prohibiting gay marriage. Where do you stand on the issue of same-sex marriage? Our guests are Kitzen Branting (Coquille) and Navajo Nation council representative Larry Anderson.

Show: Being Native & Being Lesbian
Date: June 18, 2008
Guests: Sharon Day (Ojibwe) and Beverly Little Thunder (Lakota)
Summary (from NAC website): It’s Pride Week and communities across the country will be holding parades and marches celebrating their two-spirit members this weekend. But what about in Native villages and on reservations, will there be any special festivities? When we talk about the LGBT community, we sometimes overlook lesbians and their unique issues and challenges. Do Native lesbians have a tougher time than Native gay men? Guests include Sharon Day (Ojibwe), Executive Director of the Indigenous Peoples Task Force and Beverly Little Thunder (Lakota), a Native lesbian activist and founder of a women-only Sundance.

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