Two Spirit Resource Center

Welcome to the NativeOUT Two-Spirit Resource Center. Here you can find resources to research Two Spirit people, both past and present. The following is a break-down of  some areas you’ll find in the center.

International Council of Two Spirit Societies
Established in 2015 the ICTSS presently has a membership of 17 member societies

In the blog you will find summary posts about news articles, multimedia, and events. At the end of each post you’ll find the article citation in MLA format (if source is news or multimedia).

This booklist contains bibliography information for books that are recommended by Two Spirit community leaders as being the most accurate.

This is a list of collections with Two Spirit historical items and documents.

This filmlist provides information on films created by Two Spirit filmmakers or about Two Spirit people.

Historical Two Spirits
Who were the Two Spirit people before, during, and after colonization? This is a list and information on well-known Two Spirit people.

History of Two Spirit Movement
A timeline of the Two Spirit Movement.

Tribal Marriage Equality

  • Dine Marriage Act of 2005: This is information accumulated by the Dine Coalition for Cultural Preservation during the Dine Marriage Act of 2005 on the Navajo Nation.
  • Tribes Marriage Equality Resource: Tribal same-sex marriage laws (for or against) and grassroots campaigns working for marriage equality

Presentations & Educational Multimedia
These presentations were created by community leaders to teach about Two Spirit issues and history.

Two Spirit Hate Crime Murders
This is a list of Two Spirit people murdered around the world in hate.

Two Spirit People Traditional Names (in indigenous languages)
In this list you will find the Two Spirit terms for multiple tribes.


Some resources came from the Native Youth Sexual Health Network.