“Aboriginal Peoples Television Network  Investigates: Two Spirited PART 1 “

Kathleen  Martens shares the story of Two Spirit Vernon/Vanida Plamondon’s journey. Click here to watch this video.


“The Business of Fancydancing ”  

First shown in theaters:May 10, 2002 MPAA Rating:None Genres:Drama Distributors:Outrider Pictures Box Office:$174,682

Synopsis: Seymour Polatkin lives a dream life, sharing his colonized Indian ironies with the world through poetry. He’s rich, famous, gay and Indian, facets that make such a diamond sparkle. Unless you haven’t been home to the reservation in almost 10 years.

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“Honored by the Moon.” VHS and U-Matic, 15 min. 1989. Women Make Movies, New York. The traditional roles that gay and lesbian people had among various Indian nations, as well as contemporary issues of homosexuality and homophobia, are examined.

Available from Women make Movies, 462 Broadway, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10013; phone (212)925-0606, fax (212)925-2052,


“Night Visions” – 1989, Canada (Lesbian – Drama: Racism and homophobia are explored in two overlapping stories, one about a Native American single mother fighting social welfare authorities and her white ex-husband for custody of her daughter, the other about a lesbian photographer whose erotic photographs have been seized by the police.)


“Two Spirits” 2009 65 minutes. Filmmaker Lydia Nibley examines the  Navajo tradition – the ‘nadleeh’, or ‘two-spirit’, and the hate crime murder of Fred Martinez who was nadleeh and killed at 16 .


“Two Spirits” is a documentary about Joey Criddle , a Two Spirit leader, father and activist. Director: Ruth Fertig 2007 22 min. USA


” First Stories: Two Spirited” -2007, 6 min 49 sec. Two Spirited is a story of Rodney “Geeyo” Poucette’s  encounter with prejudice and his journey to overcome it.  In August 2000, Geeyo registered as a dancer in the Kamloopa Powwow under the Jingle Dress category and after competing, an elder took away his championship.

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