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So you’re interested in volunteering with a Two Spirit organization or cause? Maybe you want to start a Two Spirit Society? Well you are in luck! There are a variety of ways to connect with Two Spirit organizations and individuals.



Type "Two Spirit" in the search box for Two Spirit societies, groups, and fan pages. "Friend" NativeOUT.

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Type "Two Spirit" in the search box for Two Spirit societies and organizations. Add "NativeOUT" to your Twitterfeed.

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Two Spirit Organizations

These are a list of Two Spirit organizations, not societies.

Two Spirit Societies

This NativeOUT page will show you the locations of the societies and their contact info.

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Two Spirit Gatherings

This is a list of Two Spirit Gatherings, their locations, and weblinks.

Tribal College GSAs

A list of tribal colleges who currently or in the past have/had GSAs).