Two Spirit Youth

Safe and Caring  Schools for Two Spirit  Youth, A guide for teachers and students

Two-Spirit students face many challenges in educational settings and this resource provides practical suggestions for teachers and students. This guide booklet has been authored by: Maddalena Genovese, Davina Rousell and The Two Spirit Circle of Edmonton Society.

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This report summarizes the info gathered through a survey of Native GLBTQT youth to help four communities in rural areas of the province to develop safe spaces for GLBTQT youth. It is intended as a resource for youth, their families, service providers, and others who want to help end this growing problem

look at the PDF here: GLBTQ / Two-Spirit Youth Speak Out!


This Two-Spirit wellness power point presentation is a great resource-

We’ve Always Been Here:Supporting Two-Spirit Youth in Circles and Systems of Care in Tribal Communities by Miriam L. Bearse, Ruth Villasenor


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