Whereas, there are at least two Two-Spirit societies/groups who have made known their desire to host the 2017 International Gathering; and

Whereas, The ICTSS desires to make a decision by democratic process; and

Whereas, a host for the 2017 International Gathering needs to decided upon; and

Whereas, several new groups have expressed interest in joining the ICTSS and a membership process needs to be established in order to handle all groups who want to join in a fair manner; and

Whereas, the process of acknowledging new members needs to be as much as possible inclusive of all present members; and finally,

Whereas, in order to conduct ICTSS business in an orderly manner, and until formal by-laws can be approved by the whole ICTSS,

THEREFORE, Be It Resolved the members of the ICTSS as of date signed below do adopt and agree to follow these temporary rules as set forth below:

1.    ONE VOTE:  There will be one vote per group for any actions, motions or elections.
2.    MEMBER CLASSIFICATIONS:  There are two classes of members: voting and affiliate members.
2.1    Voting Members of the ICTSS shall be a Two-Spirit Society (or similarly-named group).
2.1.1    As voting member, each Two-Spirit Society shall (if possible) be represented at any and all ICTSS meetings by two members of the Two-Spirit Society or group, selected by the members of the society that they represent.
2.2     Affiliate Members are non-voting members.  Even though Affiliate Members are not voting members, the contribution of their experienced perspective and valuable guidance are critically important to the content and ultimate direction of ICTSS actions.  Affiliate members are welcomed and encouraged to add their voice on any discussion of the ICTSS and will receive all email messages and news about activities of the ITCSS.   Any individual can become an Affiliate Member if they meet any of the following criteria:
2.1.1    is a member of an ICTSS Two-Spirit society/group member.
2.1.2    is a Two-Spirit/LGBT, queer, gender-fluid, or alternative-gendered Indigenous Native Indian or First Nations person and is making any kind of service contribution for other Two-Spirits, their own families, local communities or tribes; and has completed the membership process outlined in Rule 5. below.
2.1.3    are allies, which are any individuals regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or ethnic background, who work for a service/support organization that supports Two-Spirit people; and has completed the membership process outlined in Rule 5 below.
3.    TYPES OF MEETINGS:  There will be Three (3) types of meetings:
3.1     Real-time conference calls via internet and/or telephone (real-time conference call meetings).  A real-time conference call meeting can be called when 3 or more voting members have agreed and together submit an email to the full ICTSS and identify a specific issue to be addressed; and
3.2     Real-time meetings of members physically present together at a regional or international gathering (real-time gathering meetings).
3.3     Electronic or email meetings.  This type of meeting occurs via email correspondence between members, as the issue may not be time sensitive.  If the issue is time sensitive, a deadline for requested voting to be completed on any motion should be indicated with the motion to be voted.
4.    QUORUM:  A quorum shall consist of two-thirds (2/3) of the voting members.
4.1.  The nature of group email meetings is such that it gives sufficient opportunity for group leaders to respond with any questions within a 7-day window of time.  Voting on any ICTSS decision on any action/motion by email vote is complete when at least a quorum of the members have submitted their vote within the 7-day period.  If a quorum has not voted within the 7-day period, voting will remain open until such time as a quorum has voted. [Presently there are 16 voting members, and 11 makes up a quorum; obviously, that number will change when we add more members].
4.2.  An ICTSS decision on any action/motion may be taken by the voting members of the ICTSS at any of the 3 types of meetings established in Rule 3 above. 
4.2.1.  In order for any decision on an action taken by the ICTSS to be valid – the total number of votes must be equal to or greater than a quorum. 
4.2.2.  Actions may be taken during a real-time meeting without a quorum so long as the voting members not present are notified by email within a 2-day window of time from the date of the real-time meeting.
4.2.3.  All votes are requested to be received by the ICTSS via group email within 7 days or the original action ending at midnight of the 7th day. 
4.2.4.  The decision on any action will be complete when the total combined number of votes by members present at a real-time meeting and those members not-present but notified and have voted via email add up to a quorum.
4.2.5.  If, by the 7th day, the number of votes are less than a quorum, the decision will not be considered completed until a quorum is reached.
5.     MEMBERSHIP PROCESS:  Anyone desiring membership into the ICTSS (either as a voting or affiliate member) must:
5.1    Be sponsored by a present member (either voting or affiliate member) of the ICTSS. The sponsoring member will act as communications liaison between the candidate and the ICTSS.
5.1.1.  The sponsor is to inform the candidates of the membership process; and
5.1.2.  The sponsor will notify the candidate of the final results.
5.2    Complete a membership application.  Once the candidate has completed the membership form which is available online, the sponsor will then formally present the name of the candidate and announce their application is ready to be reviewed to whole ICTSS via group email.
5.2.1.  The ICTSS members will have a 7-day window from the date of the announcement to review and vote on the application and discuss any questions via email about the new candidate.
5.2.2.  All votes must be received by the ICTSS via group email within the 7-day window ending at midnight of the 7th day.
5.2.3.  The administrator will tally the votes after the 7-day window and declare the results to the whole ICTSS via email. 
5.2.4.  If, by the 7th day, the number of votes are less than a quorum, the decision will not be considered completed until a quorum is reached.
6.     AMENDMENTS:  These temporary rules are open to be amended as deemed necessary by a simple majority of the ICTSS voting members
7.     EXPIRATION OF TEMPORARY RULES:  These temporary rules shall remain in effect until such time as the by-laws have been completed and approved by the full ICTSS.  Once the by-laws have been approved then the approved by-laws shall supersede these temporary rules which shall become null and void, no longer governing the ICTSS.


Approved by the International Council of Two Spirit Societies

On the 30 day of July, 2016

# Organization Delegate
1 Bay Area American Indian Two Spirits Roger Kuhn
2 Central Oklahoma Two Spirit Society Kelly Blair
3 City of Angels Two Spirit Society Hudson Tibbets
4 East Coast Two Spirit Society Sade Ali
5 Idaho Two Spirit Society Aiden Warrior
6 Indian Canyon Two Spirit Society Kanyon Sayers-Roods
7 Indiana Two Spirit Society Nathen Steininger
8 Montana Two Spirit Society Steven Barrios
9 Northwest Two Spirit Society Hiram Calf Looking
10 Portland Two Spirit Society Candi Brings Plenty
11 Saskatoon Two Spirit Society Niya Sakebow
12 Texas Two Spirit Society Barry Layton
13 #2SYEG (Edmonton) James Makokis
14 Tulsa/Okmulgee Two Spirit Society John Hawke Cocke
15 Two Spirited People of Manitoba, Inc. Albert McLeod
16 Wabanaki Two Spirit Alliance John Sylliboy
17 Witchita Two Spirit Society Brent Kennedy