Vote for Native Drag Queen to be on Reality Show

Vote for Native Drag Queen to be on Reality Show

{mosimage}MTV’s GLBT network Logo recently announced that RuPaul will be returning to TV in a reality show. RuPaul has been out of the public’s eye since her VH1 talk show, but things are about to change. RuPaul’s Drag Race will pit drag queens against each other vying for the spot of the nation’s top drag queen.

Native American drag queen, Landa Lakes, is among the hopefuls. Two-Spirit people may know her as the Matron of the Brush Arbor Gurlz, the Native American drag troupe. In San Francisco, many know her as the mother of the House of Glitter. In other circles, her boy counterpart Miko Thomas is an active member of boards and councils seeking inclusion and equality for LGBT people and visibility for Native Americans.

The Drag Race is based on votes and public interest. You can vote for a person every 24 hours, but by signing up and leaving testimonials that catch attention for your candidate increasing their chance of being selected.

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