World Aids Day: Advocating for Tribal HIV/AIDS Education and Legislation

World Aids Day: Advocating for Tribal HIV/AIDS Education and Legislation

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To commemorate World AIDS Day, NativeOUT interviewed Isadore Boni, AIDS Advocate and survivor  from the San Carlos Apache tribe. Isadore was a key supporter of a resolution recently passed by the San Carlos Apache Tribe; in support of the Public Health and Safety Code to include HIV/AIDS confidentiality in the tribe’s health codes. In a recent Indian Country Today article, Boni states: “HIV disclosure is painful, not only for the individual but their families, this new code protects them.” Boni’s advocacy work is focused on reducing the number of AIDS cases and reducing stigma within Native American communities. He is a HIV/AIDS consultant for his tribe. Isadore is a community advisory council member for the National Naïve American AIDS Prevention Center.

According to San Carlos Apache Tribe HIV/AIDS Coalition Chair and Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Anita L. Brock, “The implementation of such a Code supports enforcement of public health responsibilities and the authority needed to identify the risk factors associated with the spread of infectious disease.”

San Carlos Apache tribe documents:


Citation: Ulen, Eisa. “Victory at Last: Apache Activist Helps Pass HIV/AIDS Confidentiality Resolution –” Indian Country Today Media Indian Country Today Media Network, 7 July 2013.

Funding for this short film provided by Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board.